Ates Impianti srl:

PACK Services

The PACK line includes case packers and case packers, both single and integrated in complete packaging lines.

The machines of the PACK line are mechanically operated with great ease of use and maintenance. They are designed to maintain maximum efficiency during production, with optimized format changeover times. Numerous plants of our production solve problems of high yield in small spaces, saving management costs.


Upload and download:

The loading and unloading interlocks of Ates Impianti production machinery complete the systems installed thanks to the multiple applicable solutions, deriving from the numerous installations on the market in different production areas. A connotation also present in this field is the ergonomics of the equipment and its use. In our installations, you can find the use of the most modern technologies available on the market such as robotic islands, coding with bar-code, etc.
All the machines are made with AISI 304 stainless steel carpentry


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