Not only washing but also disinfection and sterilization: our systems offer tailor-made solutions designed to meet the specific washing needs of our customers.

Thanks to the long experience gained in the design and construction of washing systems, we can study specific variants, thinking of new systems with maximum flexibility.

We can satisfy your washing needs by designing high-performance machinery from an energy and water saving point of view, with plant solutions completely in line with the Regulations.

Label removal, disinfection and sterilization

The washing systems, plastic container washers of all shapes and types or intended for washing drums carry out every operation: from washing, rinsing to drying or sterilization.

Designed to handle washing of industrial containers, they perform the operations quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing the treatment of a high number of pieces per day.

Removing labels: the revolution starts from AXELAB

The long experience gained in the field has allowed us to patent an effective and practically perfect label and adhesive removal system. The treated containers have no residues or halos, thus reducing waste and optimizing recovery.

No chemical solvents, no heat (with consequent waste of energy), reduced consumption and the possibility of immediately reusing the container: discover the AXELAB revolution

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