Discover our lines of metal cleaning machines. Our metal washing solutions meet all industrial and non-industrial needs: small parts, machined bodies, mechanical parts and more with flexible and multipurpose solutions.

Spray and ultrasonic metal cleaning machines

Industrial washing is carried out to remove impurities from previous processes and / or treatments. The surface treatment takes place through a spray or ultrasonic treatment.

We at Ates Impianti srl produce and manufacture industrial spray or ultrasonic metal washers. We offer different models for load capacity, washing capacity and temperature.

Spray metal cleaning machines

Industrial spray metal cleaning washers make use of a spraying system that follows one another in several stages, with the aid of hot and non-hot detergent solutions, and subsequent rinsing and drying.

Our parts washers offer different washing approaches: with basket, screw, tunnel. We also supply models with conveyor belt or air chain, for fully automated, fast and efficient washing.

Ultrasonic metal cleaning machines

Modern and with high performance, the ultrasonic industrial parts washers guarantee rapid and very precise cleaning of metal components. Thanks to the use of ultrasounds, it is in fact possible to remove all sorts of residues, even the most stubborn ones, on the external and internal surfaces of the pieces.

Dalle multivasche in linea al lavaggio completamente automatizzato con carico e scarico dei pezzi, le nostre macchine rispondono alle necessità delle produzioni più esigenti.

Forniamo linee completamente automatizzate e progettate per rispondere a standard produttivi elevati.

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